An Overview to Private (Foundation) Universities in Turkey from the Terms of Society and Education


  • İbrahim Kurt Independent researcher, Netherlands


Society, education, higher education, private universities, Turkey.


In the process of obtaining information, education has significant role. The information is transferred to the individuals through education system within the composition societies made up. The opportunities societies have and informing individuals are provided through public service in the process of educating and teaching. Education within public service is maintained by being divided into different stages and supporting individuals’ social, academic, and cultural achievements more in each stage and preparing the to the upper stage. Universities correspond to the last stage of the process of teaching and educating during which public service is offered. Institutions of teaching and educating offered by universities are serving for public through foundation universities which are at the same status as state universities and private universities and are formed or forming according to the needs of societies. The state and foundation universities at the same level as higher education serve to improve quality of education of the societies, share the information and support its reproduction by using more effectively, support self-improvement of the individuals, help them get a profession. Opened throughout the state, and private universities, it is important to serve the needs of their regions for the same purposes. Particularly in terms of higher education, it offered the possibilities, opportunities, and innovations for individuals, contribute to society and the standard of living will be higher. In this paper, goals which are met through foundation universities which are at the same level as private universities and opened to contribute to state universities in Turkey and to start an era in which education environment is more qualified, are aimed to be evaluated in terms of society and education.


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